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Health Insurance Coverage

I'm purchasing Dexcom on behalf of a dependent. How should I proceed if I plan to submit an insurance claim?

Last Updated · May 27, 2022

When you register for a Dexcom Store account, you will be asked to identify whether you are buying for your own use, or for someone else who will be using the products.

If you are buying on behalf of a dependent or another Dexcom user, please be sure to provide the name of that person in the Patient's Name field. This will ensure that their name appears on the invoices you will need to submit for insurance claims. Make sure you have the right to buy on behalf of the Dexcom user, such as if you are a parent or legal guardian.

If you did not set up your account this way, please contact Customer Service at 1-844-832-1810 or. and they will correct the information for you.